SunDo Yogawith Paul Renall

Thursdays 19.20 – 20.45 

Price: 200 Kč for a class

Paul Renall

737 629 516

Living in Prague 6 and looking for a regular body-mind practice? Evening SunDo yoga class led in English at Arha studio is a perfect choice.

SunDo Yoga Practice Description

1. Warm up exercises

The Warm-up stretches serve as a way to activate and enliven the body’s vital Qi energy. Movements are practiced at quite a quick pace, students lightly stretch all major muscle groups, stimulate acupressure points along meridian lines and loosen the joints of the body so that Qi energy can begin to move freely. The activating sequence (20-25 min) prepares the body for longer-held postures in the breathing meditation and relaxes the abdominal muscles for more fluid breathing.

2. Breathing meditation

Deep breathing through the lower abdomen in a prescribed set of positions for each level serves to accumulate qi and bring life energy into the body. An associated aspect of this part of the exercise is strengthening the center and improving the postural correctness of the body. Breathing meditation is accompanied by a sung mantra, which helps practitioners maintain a precise breathing rhythm (approximately 40 minutes).

The time allocated for this part is significant. For those who initially have attention difficulties, this is the time to re-new the mind-breath connection and to acquire the correct body position. Patience is needed. Finding a relationship with the breath, discovering its strength and allowing it to nurture you, is definitely worth it.

Abdominal breathing has a number of positive health effects.

The positions for this part of the SunDo practice are variable. The difficulty of the positions and the way of breathing changes in the course of practice according to the exact prescribed methodology.

The first, third, fourth and fifth parts of the practice remain the same for all levels. Only the breath meditation positions, their numbers and the breath rhythm change.

3. Qi Circulation Exercises

This part of the practice is used to utilize the qi collected during the main breathing of the 2nd part. During a series of exercises, the qi is distributed to all parts of the body (about 12 minutes).

4. Organ Exercises (Ki Sin Bup)

We also distribute the energy to the internal organs to stimulate and strengthen their functions. Exercises are performed by pair: the kidney and the bladder, the heart and the small intestine, the liver and the gallbladder, the lungs and the large intestine and finally, the spleen and the stomach (about 5 min).

5. Strengthening Exercises

To end the practice, for an easy transition to the day-to-day life, a few fitness exercises are included – head stand, push-ups and sit-ups (approx. 5 min)

People who start practicing SunDo most often report these benefits:

  • better and deeper sleep
  • less fatigue and exhaustion
  • more energy in everyday life
  • more concentration and a clear mind
  • improvement body more flexible
  • relieve from emotional stress
  • better digestion with normal and regular bowel movement
  • warmer limb extremities (for those suffering from cold hands and feet)
  • flu resistance and quicker recoveries from disease/accidents
  • overall a strengthening of the immune system




Coming from New Zealand, Paul is deeply experienced body-mind teacher with background of rugby, taichi and systema.

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